theatre of minorities and of revaluation

alternative theatre of commitment

At the end of this century words such as frontier, minority and alternative are largely used in advertisement. The range of study programmes of the Association "Mobilitā delle Arti", which has been working in Noto for three years, is focused on these ideas. The tradition of the place where the association works, Sicily, is the root of this interest in the theatre of social commitment.
The artists of this year are: Claudio Collovā, Spiro Scimone, Laura Curino and Ugo Pitozzi. Claudio Collovā, Antonio Neiwiller's follower, has engaged in his written works to social outcast and particularly to under age prisoners in the Naples frontier for a long time. Spiro Scimone reached his success as a writer thanks to his tale "Nunzio" (played in 1994 and directed by Carlo Cecchi). It talks about underprivileged, illness, unemployment, violence and criminality in the South of Italy. Laura Curino in her "Passione" talks about life in the northern frontier of Italy, Settimo Torinese. Northern factories kill fantasy, passion and lungs as well. Ugo Pitozzi, extremist and rigorous choreographer, works in places that he personally chooses and determines.
This year particular attention will be devoted to the "International frontiers" too. Artists coming from Romania, France and Canada, who follow the same artistic way as ours, will be invited.
This programme of study demands also an ethic support that lays in the term alternative. It is connected with a particular concept of theatre which is inside the original idea of this ancient art form and wants to be renewed through a new language.
Is there something newer than the stillness in our dynamic world?
This idea of theatre wants to take a coherent choice rather than contrast a trend. In this sense the words minority and alternative, which are symbolically embodied by the students of our project - young underprivileged, prisoners, foreigners coming from cultures which have experienced war and social diseases - propose the alternative as a typical feature of theatre. In Italy theatre has always opposed itself to the political system through the clash between the Comedy of Art and the Mediaeval Catholic thought. The Mediaeval poets objected the ideology and the political position of the papacy through their poems written in vulgar. Time changes things and it sometimes turns them.
Today the pontificate of Pope John Paul II confirms an ancient and precious will that is defined as Transcendental Unity of Religions, which represents an unique truth, both on a religious and on an intellectual level.
The language of theatre is one of the remaining art forms which expresses the truth and the last hope for a true policy which nears people instead of keeping them away.
Today theatre is at the cutting edge as it is neither virtual nor relative. It is actually the place of the word, where truth defeats lie. Theatre is outside the world as it is pure memory of it.

Art Director
Ninni Bruschetta

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